About Us

Multi-crew Airline training Systems Pty Ltd (MATS) is a hands on Management and Multi-crew Training Organization. MATS can provide outsourced turnkey training operations and systems for all Multi-crew Training including Jet transition under the auspices of host Airline or Operator.. We also provide multi-crew training for ab-initio and Direct Entry crews for Airline, RPT and Corporate sectors of the Industry, who wish to take advantage of our services. MATS can deliver MCC Training for pilots who meet the CASA and MATS requirements for MCC Instructors. Subject to arrangements with CASA final Assessment of MCC Instructors is delivered by CASA.

Safety Management Systems, Quality Assurance/Control & Auditing functions are contained within the MATS organizational structure and Manual Suite.

About MATS The Company & Team

The MATS Management & previous directors are hands on, including a core of highly qualified and experienced Multi- crew Instructors specializing in Direct Entry, Ab–initio and MCC crew training. The history or MATS Management and Multi-crew Training of Instructors and crews for RPT and Corporate operations are evidenced based. MATS Instructors and Partners can also provide for Multi-crew Type Ratings. In November 2016 a major change in shareholding occurred to further the aims of the company. There is a new Board of directors. However, the key positions and Instructors in MATS have remained the same. The new structure brings further enhancement to MATS now having a robust working relationship with a significant ab-initio approved flight training organization (ATO) –Basair www.basair.edu.au

MATS multi-crew training philosophy and syllabi has evolved and been refined over the last decade in response to the disciplines required to enhance flight safety with the man / machine interface due to the increasing automation of flight deck systems. All crews completing courses conducted by MATS for major Airlines and Corporate Operators have exhibited outstanding results. This is particularly so with ab-initio Cadets and direct entry crews transitioning to Jet or Turbo-Prop equipment. MATS experience in the training of multi-cultural crews is extensive.

Flight Training Syllabi

MATS has designed Syllabi and Training Models for all ‘Composite ‘ Multi-crew Training. “Composite” is the term used when Multi-crew Training disciplines are integrated with Traditional Flight Training including specific Airline and Corporate Operators training methodology. Syllabi Peer Review has been conducted by a highly respected University. All Syllabi and Simulator sessions have been ‘flown’ and evidence tested during Airline and Corporate Simulator / FSTD Training.

All Syllabi contain embedded elements of CRM / TEM /MCC /and other Human Factors in the flight training sessions using either Generic (MATS) or Specific Operators FCOM’s.

The MATS Training Models

All MATS Training Models are exportable and designed to integrate into multi-cultural and ICAO State Authority requirements with approved training organizations or under the Host client’s training and checking approvals.Our systems can also be Licensed to approved organizations.