Cognisess Fly

MATS embed a People Analytics platform called Cognisess Fly into our Multi-crew Training Ground School curriculum.

The Cognisess Fly assessment, monitoring and self-development system can improve a pilot’s cognitive resilience. That translates into objective risk-management and stronger safety attributes. The mental faculties essential for aviation tasks, crew cohesion, decision-making and overall situational awareness, become more reliable after Cognisess Fly online training. Importantly, for the aviation industry, wellness factors such as fatigue and performance levels can be monitored and managed more effectively.

The data generated contributes to ‘templates of excellence’, which also delivers better cost effectiveness and accuracy during the recruitment process.

The combination of enhanced training, monitoring and screening has positive insurance-related benefits. Our technology partners Elite Minds have strong relationships with insurance experts who can assist in the process of influencing better terms on your insurance policies as a result of implementing the Cognisess Fly platform.